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Navigate with Precision: Choosing the Ideal GPS Tracking Device for Your Needs

GPS tracking device

What are GPS tracking devices and why they are important

Following our previous blog articles on the importance of IoT connectivity in the micro-mobility sector and the overview of 10 GPS tracking platforms, let's now dive in the world of GPS tracking hardware, as these 3 aspects will be the pillars of any successful GPS tracking business.

Let's start with the basics! GPS hardware devices are mini-computers that help things know where they are on the map. Think of it as an intelligent guide that says, "You're here!" These devices are critical for tracking and managing things, like finding your lost phone or keeping an eye on delivery trucks.

Here's a simple example that we often see: GPS in your car to know where it is in case it gets stolen.

Overview of GPS tracking device manufacturer

Two options are available for individuals searching for GPS hardware: obtain the hardware that comes with the selected GPS tracking platform, or seek an independent one.

Standalone GPS tracking devices

Teltonika GPS and telematics devices

Teltonika is a prominent manufacturer of IoT devices, specializing in GPS tracking devices. Their range of products includes the highly sought-after FMB series, available in three versions: 2G, 4G, or LTE-M (check our glossary to understand the differences between those technologies). These devices come equipped with advanced features such as automatic geofencing, towing detection, green driving, crash event detection, virtual odometer, unplug detection, and GPRS/SMS capabilities.

Queclink asset tracking devices

Queclink is a top provider of GPS tracking solutions, delivering the versatile GL series for asset tracking and the GV series designed for GPS tracking. The GL series delivers real-time visibility and boasts adaptable devices with long battery life, making it ideal for monitoring vehicles, containers, or high-value assets. The GV series provides exceptional real-time tracking and geofencing capabilities, catering to diverse business needs in the GPS tracking realm. Queclink's commitment to hardware excellence ensures a wide array of customizable options, making it a go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable and tailored tracking solutions.

ATrack GPS tracking devices

ATrack's AX series is a top-tier option for GPS trackers designed for fleet management. The trackers are recognized for their versatility and compatibility with various connectivity options, allowing seamless integration into diverse operational setups. Additionally, the inclusion of OBDII ports enables effortless installation. ATrack's dedication to international standards and major network certifications emphasizes the widespread reliability of its devices. One standout in the lineup is the AX300, notable for its dual CAN bus functionality that delivers detailed vehicle engine data, enabling comprehensive fleet insights.

Bundle offering

The companies below specialize in GPS tracking platforms, as mentioned in our previous article, and also offer devices to provide a comprehensive solution.

CalAmp Telematics Devices

CalAmp, on top of its GPS tracking platform, also provides a range of GPS tracking devices including the LMU-1300M, a compact and ruggedized GPS asset tracker. This easy-to-use device supports features such as driver monitoring, battery assurance, remote safety lockout, and remote maintenance.

Samsara Vehicle Gateways

Like CalAmp, Samsara offers not only a GPS tracking platform but also vehicle gateways to go with it. These rugged 4G LTE devices include all relevant GPS tracking features such as real-time monitoring, and route optimization, but also include nifty ideas such as offline storage in case internet connectivity is unavailable or wifi hotspot (when available).

Geotab GO Series

Together with its GPS tracking platform, Geotab provides the GO Series, which consists of compact vehicle tracking devices that plug directly into the OBD II port of your vehicle. The GO9 comes in two other versions, including a rugged model with OP68 and IP69K ratings and a GO9+ model with an onboard WiFi hotspot.

Omnitracs Telematics Devices

Omnitracs specializes in B2B telematics solutions. On top of their fleet management software, they also sell a series of telematics hardware to meet the needs of different use cases: from vehicle and driving performance monitoring to video-based safety and inattentive driving.


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